Bus 52 carrying advertising for Metro; 1993

Many people look at a bus and think of transportation but there are some who look at a bus and see a mobile billboard. Metro has operated mobile billboards for a number of years and on the following pages you will see some of the best and worst advertising that has graced Metro buses.

Over the years individual buses have carried a number of advertisments while other buses have carried just one ad before reverting to the colour scheme of the day. The links will take you to the various examples but perhaps we should start our journey with Metro's attempts at self-advertising.

Bus 53 carrying advertising for Metro; 1993
Bus 52 is a Volvo B58 fitted with a Smithfield body and is seen here in 1993.
The top picture shows bus 53, another B58, also carrying advertising for
Metro in 1993.

Bus49 carrying advertising for Metro.
Another B58 to carry Metro advertising was 49 seen here at the Springfield Depot

Metro has always recognised that it has a responsibility to be involved in the community and currently it sponsors a number of initiatives including driver education as well as childrens activities such as junior cricket. However, a few years ago it promoted student art - by putting it on a bus.

Bus 50 carrying art by a Tasmanian high school student .
Bus 50, a Volvo B58, carrying art by a Tasmanian high school student .

Now go on to the other examples of Metro bus advertising.

Early Single Examples Later Single Examples
143 154
156 and 178 180
182 193
200 620

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