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Full-body advertising on Metro buses has come a long way since the early examples appeared on the Leyland Nationals and Volvo B58's. Quite a few buses have carried more than one advertisement and each scheme seems to push the limits more than the one before. On this page you will see examples of advertising carried by just one bus. In these instances the bus has reverted to the current Metro scheme when the advertising campaign was finished. For photos of buses that have carried more than one scheme follow the links at the foot of the page.

Full-body advertising is not cheap and so it is not surprising that non of Metro's artics have carried this type of advertising. However the size of Metro's rigid buses has never cramped the talents of the artists who work for Signrite, the local firm who does all of Metro's work.

Let's have a look at some of that work now.

Moo - its bus 150 advertising milk in 1993. Moo - its bus 150 advertising milk in 1993.
Bus 184 advertising a product of Cadbury's in 1993. Several bus routes pass the Cadbury factory here in Hobart and it is always torture to stop and pick up tourists who have just bought out the factory shop - none of them ever want to share their chocolate with the poor driver. Bus 184 - the Cadbury's Slab bus.

Advertising for computer companies has appeared on several buses in Metro's fleet - here is bus 192 with advertising for Computerland. Computerland is just one of Tasmania's computer retailers who have advertised on the side of a Metro bus. Here bus 192 wears a very bright display. A more compact version of this scheme is carried on a mini-bus owned by a local private school

Bus 253 is a Scania Orana assigned to the Launceston depot where it carries an advertisement for a Launceston radio station. Radio stations seem to like advertising on buses. Bus 253 - part of the Launceston fleet and advertising a Launceston radio station.

Mercedes bus 354 carrying advertising for another north coast radio station - 7BU. Another radio station advertisement, this time it is for 7BU a station on the north coast of Tasmania.

Another Mercedes, bus 358, takes the WIN Television advertising message to the north coast. Another Merc, 358, takes the WIN Television advertising message to the north coast.

Bus 601 brightly advertising a local Qantas subsidiary, Southern Airlines When buses 600 and 601 were transferred to Launceston from Hobart most southern drivers were disappointed because these two buses were the pick of the fleet. In Hobart 601 had worn nothing but corporate colours: in Launceston it is another story entirely. Southern Airlines is a local subsidiary of Qantas.

Violence on school buses has become quite a problem in Hobart and there are some school runs that drivers loathe. In an attempt to overcome the problem a number of groups got together and produced a programme designed to re-educate offenders. Part of Metro's contribution was this bus. Unfortunately the bus is the only remaining sign of the programme for none of the participants were prepared to do the on-going work that such a programme needs. Like programme/like bus - it's a dog. 621 the

636 the Wrest Point Casino Fun Bus. In early 1996 Metro and the Wrest Point Casino signed an agreement for Metro to operate a daily bus run from outlying metropolitan areas to the casino for a perioud of 12 months. Bus 636 was chosen to provide the service and it underwent a repaint and refit and emerged as seen here. The refit included a slightly altered seating pattern and more comfortable seats. The original contract has now expired and the bus has been returned to normal route work although it is still utilised for special runs to the casino.

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