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BUS 143

Bus 143 is a Scania N113 fitted with the earlier style of body. In 1993 the bus was carrying an advertisement for the Aberfeldy Hotel - a well known Hobart watering hole.
The WIN bus advertising an Australian television network
During 1995-1997 it carried the darker colours and an advertisement for WIN Television, an Australia wide network. The faces on the bus were of the local newsreaders and the presenter of the network's nationwide current affairs programme. Unfortunately the WIN paint scheme caused some difficulties for passengers, it was amazing how many intending passengers failed to see the bus approaching.

During 1997 143 disappeared from Springfield depot and many drivers hoped it had gone for good but it was not to be and in late 1997 the bus returned decked out in the current Metro colours. Unfortunately the return to corporate colours did nothing for the mechanical condition of this bus; it is renowned as a "dog" amongst drivers.

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