Without a doubt these are the big buses of the Metro fleet, their size only becomes really apparent when you step through the front doors and see just how far away is the back of the bus. Metro took delivery of their first three artics over 20 years ago and the last unit arrived in 1988.All units remain in service today and all are located in Hobart.

Nos.701-703 are powered by 265 bhp diesel motors coupled to 4 speed automatic transmissions; the bodies are by Volgren on B58 chassis.

No.701 still in the Metropolitan Transport Trust
white, red and brown scheme is shown at the
Springfield depot.

No.702 in Metro green working an inward
express service from Bridgewater. It is interesting to
note that Metro rosters all its artics on all types of
services, not just express runs.

The remaining artics are B10M Mk1 and Mk2 chassis with 245 bhp diesel motors coupled to 4 speed automatic transmissions. Bodies are by PMC of Adelaide. The Mk1 models have two sets of doors while the Mk2 models have three sets of doors.

No.708 is a Mk1 version, all Mk1 units still wear their original paint scheme.

A publicity shot of a new, and yet to be numbered, Mk2 unit.


A side view of the bendy bit - the thing that
makes it all work.

A top view of the turntable - one plate
is folded back.