On 28th July 1978 the last passenger train ran in Tasmania and from that date Tasmanian travellers have had to rely almost entirely on road transport to move around the state. There are 3 main bus operators in Tasmania as well as many smaller concerns. The largest operator is the Metropolitan Transport Trust, operating under the title of Metro the Trust employs over 300 drivers and handles all commuter services in Hobart as well as services in Launceston and Burnie.

Tasmania is renown for its peace and tranquility but that does not seem to extend to its bus industry. Tigerline, one of the major private operators, has ceased to exist in the form it did when I first wrote this page. Hazel Brothers, the owner of Tigerline has split its bus division and sold off its tourist and route work and the new operator, Wilderness Tours has commenced operating under the Tigerline name. Hazel Brothers has retained its commuter and charter work and operates this work under its earlier bus division name: Hobart Coaches. Therefore the Tigerline link has been withdrawn for upgrading so check back in a couple of weeks when the link will be renewed. Tasmanian Redline Coaches operations remain the same and they service some of Hobart's dormitory towns as well as providing regular services to the north and northwest coasts. Both Tigerline and Redline operate in the tour market as well. The Redline link should be open at the same time.

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