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The Leyland Nationals came to Tasmania powered by a 190 bhp diesel motor coupled to either a two speed or 4 speed semi-automatic transmission. They were popular with MTT drivers but were disliked intensely by maintenance staff.

A Leyland National advertising a new Metro ticketing
system. A number of these units were sold to small operators
and still appear on school services.

Metro's Volvos came in two batches, the first were based on B58 mechanicals with bodies by Smithfield or the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation of Melbourne. The second batch consisted of only four units and were based on B10M mechanicals with 245 bhp diesel motors and PMC bodies.

This Volvo B58 is fitted with a Smithfield body and
carries advertising for Metro.

This B58 is fitted with a CAC body and at one time
was the most popular bus in the fleet.

No.81 was one of Metro's Volvo B10M models. Here
it is seen in the Metro green/white livery.

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