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BUS 649

Bus 649 is a Scania Orana working in Hobart. It has carried three different advertising campaigns and the latest is perhaps the most unique. Is there another bus in the world that displays a cartoon?

Striking blue and white advertising for a computer company. In 1995 bus 649 was painted into this short-lived scheme which advertised a local computer company.
Bartercard In 1996 bus 649 was again repainted, this time to advertise Bartercard around Hobart. Here 649 sits at the Kingston terminus.
The cartoon. In 1997 Launceston, in the north of the state, decided to launch a campaign to advertise the tourist attractions in the area. Part of that campaign was bus 649 - the scheme seen here includes a cartoon featuring a well-known Australian character - 'Snake' - who is trying to travel north.

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