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BUS 193

Bus 193 is a Scania N113 (turbo) that came to Metro second hand from Canberra. It has the distinction of carrying the most number of advertising schemes yet applied to a single Metro bus as well as carrying the most controversial scheme to yet appear on a Metro bus.

Hop to it Tasmania. This bus was originally built by Ansair at their Tasmanian plant and went to the government bus service in Canberra. The bus proved unsuitable for use in Canberra and was returned to Hobart. Metro obtained the vehicle and it entered service in 1992 wearing this scheme.
Adverting a product well-known around the world! This well known hamburger chain was slow coming to Tasmania but were keen to advertise the opening of their first restaurant here in Hobart. This photo was taken in 1995.
GIO - one of the bigger insurance companies here in Australia. GIO Australia is one of the bigger insurance companies here in Australia. Bus 193 wore this scheme during 1995 and 1996.
The controversial scheme This scheme advertises a breakfast show on a local radio station hosted by two announcers who appear on this bus in a variety of poses, some of which suggest they are fighting. This scheme is unpopular with drivers for it appeared at a time when violence on nighttime buses was becoming commonplace. Parts of this scheme were also unpopular with others for on at least two separate occasions I saw an artist from Signrite at the depot attempting to improve the facial appearances of Todd and Dave.

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