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BUSES 156 AND 178

Both these buses are later model Scania N113 (non turbo) and both have spent a lot of time operating out of the Launceston depot although both are now assigned to Hobart.

156 trying to look like a car for the Trust Bank One of the more striking advertising schemes applied to a Metro bus - 156 trying to look like a Ford Falcon sedan - or is that a Commodore? Whatever type of car it is trying to be the year remains the same - 1993.
A reconciliation message for ALL Australians sponsored by Launceston College of TAFE. In 1996 bus 156 was allotted to Launceston and the Launceston College of TAFE sponsored the message of reconciliation for ALL Australians. Currently 156 is allotted to Hobart and is painted in plain white and, with the help of magnetic signs, is in use on a new Doorstopper service linking Glenorchy with Chigwell and Claremont area.

Bus 178 has only been used in two advertising campaigns and both have a common medical theme running through them. It is also my personal opinion that both schemes used on this bus did little to enhance its beauty. I suppose that raises the question of whether or not anything can enhance the looks of a bus but I'll leave that one up to the individual.

The first campaign this bus was involved in was for a private medical insurer, St Lukes. This photo was taken in 1996. 178 in a blue version of the St Lukes campaign.
In 1997 the current St Helens Private Hospital scheme was applied. While it is possible to see out of those side windows all that covering does make it a bit gloomy inside. 178 still wearing blue but this time with a lot of red for a local private hospital.

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